Standardisation and Implementation of ICT in Swedish Elderly Care

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master Thesis
Management and economics of innovation (MPMEI), MSc
Hallgårde, Magnus
The improvement of elderly care is a cross industry challenge. Our elderly need to be treated fairly but the allocated resources also need to be used efficiently. Technology has developed quickly over the last years and many industries has not adapted to the influx of new solutions and elderly care is one of these industries. Traditionally the elderly lived at home until they could not take care of themselves and then moved into a nursing home. The care delivered at the home where planned by the staff and the residents had little to say about their own care. With the every improving general health many decide to stay at home longer, and the care is implemented more on a case to case basis controlled by the residents themselves. This has led to new challenges within care where the need for a flexible and adaptable industry has formed. The National Board of Health and Welfare has surveyed the situation of the elderly over the last years and Gothenburg has fallen below average for some years. This led to the municipal board of Gothenburg to start an initiative in 2014 to improve elderly care in the region. Most of the improvements suggested involved standardisation, implementation of ICT and organisational changes which set the basis for this thesis. By interviewing relevant actors within the care sector and studying reports the author of this thesis has studied the outcomes of these initiatives. By comparing the results with relevant theory, the results have been analysed and a couple of recommendations has been formed. The replies from the interviews has been sorted in a few key areas where the author believe most of the problems can be identified and these aspects have been discussed in the last chapters. The main goal of the thesis is not to criticise the initiative rather to be a support to understand some factors that need to be addressed to successfully implement new solutions within elderly care.
Innovation och entreprenörskap (nyttiggörande) , Övrig annan teknik , Innovation & Entrepreneurship , Other Engineering and Technologies not elsewhere specified
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