Warehouse in transition: Combining immersive nature experiences with reused materials from site to revitalize an industrial warehouse in Lindholmen

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master's Thesis
Architecture and urban design (MPARC), MSc
Drazic, Julia
Have you ever entered a space that takes your breath away? Your senses, fully occupied, trying to categorize objects as you experience them - shapes, textures, light, and shadow. The immersive experience, in the shape of architecture, enables the feeling of something more than the physical. Time is still. I believe we all possess memories of these types of experiences. For me, it happened while taking a walk in my neighbourhood, stumbling upon an abandoned warehouse. The scale, skylight, and industrial traces left me intrigued. Since 1974, this large warehouse can be found in Lindholmen, part of the Götaverken shipyard facilities in Gothenburg. The building is today temporarily used for ground-level parking, with an occupancy of barely 30%. Its inefficient current program is due to the toxic industrial traces of Tributyltin found on-site, making the sanitation cost a legal feud. Simultaneously, the Karla Tower is being constructed close by, with an astonishing price tag of 4.5 billion SEK. The current urban expansion is aggressively reshaping Lindholmen, ignoring vital qualities for local communities and biodiversity systems to thrive. Resulting in longer distances to recreation areas. How does one homage to the history of the site, yet still revitalize it to attend to current needs? Where does the line cross between neglecting history or being too preserving? Through a speculative transformational approach, this master’s thesis investigates how the industrial warehouse can be revitalized. Firstly, departing from the local and historical context. Secondly, continuing with theoretic research, exploring spacious nature qualities and extensive photographic mapping techniques, which together position the core of the thesis. Thirdly, with an emphasis on circularity, reusing the existing material stock of the warehouse. A majority of the construction material for the new program will be provided by de-constructing parts of the warehouse. Simultaneously, extracted silhouettes emerge on the facades, creating newly framed views to explore. Internally, the design proposal is a recreational public space, consisting of a directed path and 6 destination stops. Together, they revitalize the warehouse into a physical space of transitions, enabling further immersive experiences to blossom.
Immersive experience , Industrial heritage , Reuse , Nature , Transition , Götaverken , Photography
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