Improvement of feedback processes

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master Thesis
Andreasson, Maria
Watsfeldt, Mikaela
Itiscrucialforacompanytokeeptheirestablishedcustomerssatisfiedsinceittakes alotmoreresourcestogainnewcustomersthankeepingtheold. Thepurposeofthis thesis is therefore to study how a manufacturing company with exclusive products handles the feedback today and how the feedback process can be improved to create knowledge for future product and service offerings when the customer segment is changing. The feedback can be gathered and used by working with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which aims to create products and services that satisfy the customers. It is especially useful when the customer segment is changing and the company has to understand who their new customers are and if they have different needs and demands. With today’s digitalization, customers have new ways to contact the company and expect to get answers quickly, for example on social media. Social CRM integrates social media with a company’s CRM initiative and gather data information from social media platforms. This thesis has investigated a company which has expanded its customer base and therefore was in need of standardized processes to gather, analyze and use the customer feedback. To make an improvement suggestion, the existing informal processes for handling feedback needed to be mapped. This was made by internal and external interviews with the company and its retailers and customers. The project resulted in two processes, one that supports the proactive work and aimstocollectthecustomers’needsanddemandsbeforetheproductisfinishedand to understand the Voice of Customer. There is also a process which supports the reactive work, that aims to collect feedback after the product is released to receive the feedback from the customers when they have used the product. This is a way to understand pros and cons with the existing products and try to make the customers satisfied. With both the proactive and the reactive ways of working, products and service offerings for the customers can be developed to satisfy the customers and support loyalty to the brand.
Annan teknik, Other Engineering and Technologies
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