Aligning Innovation with Technology Strategy and IP Management A case study in the Aerospace & Defense industry

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Entrepreneurship and business design (MPBDP), MSc
Axman, Amanda
Blomberg, Elin
As technology is the driving force of innovation, connecting the innovation process to the technology strategy is essential. It is also important to recognize the need to capture ideas generated from the innovation process and shape them into transactional assets in order to create commercial value. Therefore, connecting the three areas of Innovation, Technology Strategy, and Intellectual Property Management is necessary. Innovation, with a focus on cutting edge technology, is driving and continuously development of the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry. As future products are expected to have more requirements of customization, companies in the A&D industry need to be adaptable, more agile, and ready to adopt new technologies. These changes also demand new ways of handling IP, due to changing corporate strategies. Based on a multiple embedded case study on a single organization the question of how companies, within the A&D industry, can capture commercial value from innovation through alignment with existing technology strategies and intellectual property management was answered. The study found that an alignment between innovation, technology strategy, and intellectual property management is what enables the creation, and the ability to capture commercial value for companies within the industry. The study further found the need for a common definition and objective of innovation, both in research and within the host company. Three different types of innovation processes were found, where a funnel structure was the most common. The competence composition of a decision-making council was shown to be of great importance for identifying crucial aspects of potential innovations. In addition, the study also found that, in order for the innovation process to support the technology strategy, an innovation strategy needs to be established. To ensure the capturing of commercial value from the innovation process, intellectual property management needs to be incorporated in the innovation process.
Innovation , Innovation Process , Innovation Strategy , Technology Strategy , Intellectual Property Management , Commercial Value , Aerospace and Defense Industry , Case Study
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