Utveckling av manuellt spel inom militär logistik

Examensarbete på grundnivå
Design och produktutveckling 180 hp (högskoleingenjör)
Bernald, Sebastian
The work was based on Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut, FOI, seeing a need to teach the subject of military logistics to operations analysts. With a physical board game, the target group will be able to learn basic concepts and knowledge in the subject that can be useful in their work. The purpose was therefore to increase the knowledge of military logistics among operations analysts through the design of the game. The goal was to develop a concept in the form of a playable prototype for a physical board game in the category of military logistics and the result that the project would lead to be a complete concept with working game rules. The work thus excluded the manufacturing process and possible adaptation for the consumer market since the game was only intended for internal use. The work began with the theoretical frame of reference, where studies were done on military logistics, game design as well as cognitive aspects. This resulted in greater knowledge in the areas and the project therefore proceeded with data collection methods such as interviews and workshops. The collected data were then analyzed using analysis methods such as KJ analysis. Views that emerged in the KJ analysis included how the game could be made more dynamic and in the long run more fun by applying, among other things, the uncertainty factor. Creating a dynamic game was a high priority. After the data collection was completed, the idea producing phase began. This phase has included methods such as brainstorming. To evaluate the concept, a PUGH matrix was applied. The result is a physical game concept in the subject of military logistics. In short, the game is about transporting resources to units and transport needs away from units. At the same time, the units are responsible for defending areas that are attacked. Which area is attacked is determined by direction badges and attack cards. The players play in teams and the goal is to reach a certain number of winning points together. The game concept was created in one copy but can be manufactured in small series if the client would need more copies. It is also possible for the client to develop the game with more advanced rules if needed.
Military logistics , boardgame , defense , transport
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