Realistic rendering of organic materials in real-time simulations

dc.contributor.authorNorberg, David M
dc.contributor.departmentChalmers tekniska högskola / Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik (Chalmers)sv
dc.contributor.departmentChalmers University of Technology / Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Chalmers)en
dc.description.abstractThis report presents a case study of two techniques for rendering organic mate- rials. Both techniques are examples of subsurface scattering algorithms. The first approximates single scattering in a multilayered material by ray march- ing and sampling a heightfield texture with the layers' depth information, while the second method approximates multiple scattering by using a blurred lightmap and multiple texture layers. The result of the implementations are given and both of the techniques suitability for the application of surgical simulation is ascertained.
dc.subjectComputer Engineering
dc.titleRealistic rendering of organic materials in real-time simulations
dc.type.degreeExamensarbete för masterexamensv
dc.type.degreeMaster Thesisen
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