To sea or not to sea: an exploration of housing design on water in the varied climate of the archipelago

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Olofsson, Ellinore
The starting point of this thesis is based on the possibility to explore alternative building design in coastal and water vicinity environments. To study exploitation where buildable land is limited and nature preservations creates values to preserve and protect. The aim has been to produce a plan proposal on Öckerö in Gothenburg’s northern archipelago. In addition to find tools to develop design and housing on water in the varied and harsh climate. The locally based project identified and mapped the need for housing in the municipality. In the process, the theoretical framework has been involved in the inventory of housing qualities, such as meeting places, intersections between private and public, and safety in the area. Weather elements and the local needs also dictate the framework for design. Mapping of the proximity to central Gothenburg and the historical narrative of Öckerö is examined and taken into account. The possibilities of the site have been used in the project, additionally challenged by the existing structures on the island. To create space through volume configurations, spatial investigations and light that will enhance the new residential area. The proposal includes floating housing with focus on the plan structure to improve the social interaction and lift qualities for the local area. As detailed plans and building permits are slow processes, the proposal can be designed as both temporary and permanent. The result of this thesis is a housing project with a mix of units in a small scale that will support the local housing needs in the municipality. The place where the project will be designed, analyzed and evaluated is an area that will be connected to the center on the island.
archipelago, coastal community, suburb, pontoon housing, weather, wind, water, nature, housing, meeting places, social interaction
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