The Road to Project Management Excellence Understanding the reasons and impacts of delays within project-organizations

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master's Thesis
Supply chain management (MPSCM), MSc
Schumacher, Andreas
Schumacher, Michael
This thesis addresses a significant problem concerning project management, specifically focusing on the impact of delays that occurs within an organization. The problem at hand resolves around the complex relationship between project management and various project functions, specifically examining how effective collaboration and communication between these functions ultimately impact the outcome of projects. To achieve the objective, a qualitative data collection approach was employed, utilizing a case study design with semi-structured interviews, observations, and a thorough literature review. This methodological choice aligns with the work of Szajnfarber and Gralla (2017), who highlight the effectiveness of qualitative methods in capturing the intricacies of human interactions. The study has revealed the paramount significance of communication and collaboration between individuals and project functions. Despite often being overlooked, these factors have a significant impact on the organization’s profitability and the projects’ ability to deliver high-performing products to customers. Failure to prioritize effective communication and collaboration within organizations poses a substantial risk of not meeting commitments, thereby elevating the likelihood of diminished profitability. Based on the analysis of the data collected within the company, several significant conclusions can be drawn. Firstly, project management is an aspect that evolves over an extended period of the company’s existence, and many established practices demonstrate a high standard of performance. However, potential areas for improvement have been identified, particularly in terms of internal collaboration and communication, which, if enhanced and further developed, can contribute to greater company and financial success. The thesis has reached a conclusion that the company is lacking data and knowledge in estimating the impact of internal delays. Furthermore, the findings of this study highlight the importance of evaluating the outcomes of the restructuring initiatives that have been implemented. Assessing whether the intended outcomes of the restructuring align with the actual results is crucial to determine the effectiveness and impact of these organizational changes. Lastly, as the company undergoes ongoing evolution and growth, a compelling case can be made for implementing a robust onboarding process for new project managers. Such an initiative holds the potential to boost efficiency and performance by seamlessly integrating the fresh abilities of new team members with the wealth of knowledge already present within the organization.
Project Management , Project Delays , Internal Collaboration , Cost Estimation , Communication , Information Flows , Military and Defence Industry , Organizational Structure
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