Analys av logistiska flöden samt förslag till finansiell besparing vid alternativa transportsätt

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Economics and manufacturing technology (180 hp)
Andersson, Anna
Berglund, Henrik
E2014:036, The idea for the project emerged when Nilorn wanted to get better control over their supply chain and improve operational efficiency. The company also want to reduce their expenses in the continuous process of improving profitability. By choosing the right option of transportation and mode of transport there are large potential savings for the company. This enables Nilorn to reduce the transportation costs and strengthen the environmental responsibilities by reducing their environmental impact. The flow of goods within Nilorn has over the past years increased significantly and most of the gods today is transported by air. The aim of this thesis is to analyse the supply chain of the company and evaluate the potential economic savings in this area. The project will simplify the company’s choice in their options of transportation and future freight procurement. The project identifies and maps out the company's air freight flows to find out if there are savings in terms of the transportation options, standard or express shipping. The largest flow today is between Hong Kong and Hilden in Germany and is analysed after the mapping. This in aim of determines the opportunities to consolidate more of the companies' goods by sea. Three consolidation scenarios are presented and one of them is analysed to demonstrate the various financial saving opportunities for Nilorn. The project also highlights aspects of the Nilorn Group's environmental issues and the environmental impact. The central warehouse in Hilden has been the starting point for the project as it is the hub of the Nilorn supply chain. Major focus has also been placed on the unit in Hong Kong as it also is one of the major hubs within Nilorn. Based on the main flows the annual savings is 204 593 SEK in the choice between standard and express shipping. Five breakpoints were found in the mapping of the main flows. Where breakpoints exist, express shipping is preferable rather than standard shipping from an economic perspective. There are also opportunities for Nilorn to consolidate goods from Hong Kong and increase the sea freights. One scenario was selected and to indicate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats a SWOT analysis was used. The analysis demonstrates that the strengths of the chosen scenario are the delivery flexibility, the environmental impact and the freight charge. The weaknesses identified were the delivery time and the planning. An annual saving of 486 061 SEK can be achieved.
Övrig industriell teknik och ekonomi , Grundläggande vetenskaper , Hållbar utveckling , Transport , Other industrial engineering and economics , Basic Sciences , Sustainable Development , Transport
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