Analys samt förslag till effektivsering av patientflödet vid en vårdcentral

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Master Thesis
Josefsson, Andreas
Andersson, Terese
In the year of 2009 the conditions for managing primary healthcare in the region of Västra Götaland changed. The decision was taken by the regional assembly and resulted in that the citizens since then have had the o pportunity to choose whic h health care provider they prefer to stay with. Along with this decision a new market for private health care providers was established, which resulted in increased competition between the providers. In order t o manage the competi tion, the health care providers are now forced to be more efficient in their operations and also to be even more focused on their patients. Backa Läkarhusgruppen is an example of a private healthcare provider in the region of Västra Götaland . I n the same w ay it is also an example of an organization in need of analys ing their operations to see how it can be further optimized to meet patient needs and expectations. The aim of this study is to analys e Backa Läkarhusgruppen’s organization and its operations i n the hope of find ing suggestions which will improve the patient flow. To allocate and solve the problems that Backa Läkarhus suffer from , an approach inspired by Lean Healthcare is used throug hout the report. Some of the most significant problems that wer e identified within the organization are: ● The synchronization of demand and capacity is inadequate. ● Absence of standardized routines. ● Absence of present leadership. To be able to improve the patient flow Backa Läkarhus needs to handle these identified p roblem areas. By synchronizing the staffing level in relation to the trends in demand a reduction in the patient’s waiting times and throughput time will be possible. Creating clear responsibilities and routines for the staff will contribute to a higher de gree of patient focus and thus lead to a more efficient patient flow. A proposal to the leaders within the organization is to be come more present in the daily operations and thereby obtain a greater understanding for their own organization. The report is written in Swedish.
Industriell teknik och ekonomi , Industrial engineering and economy
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