SUITABLE SUSTAINABILITY - A housing community designed to improve sustainability in users everyday life

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Architecture and urban design (MPARC), MSc
Stadig Roswall, Lovisa
Climate change is a growing issue in today's society. Environmental impact and green house gas emission from the building industry is significant and also expected to rise because of increased wealth, lifestyle changes, and urbanization worldwide. Similar to many other western countries, a large part, 40% of total energy use in Sweden, is attributed to the housing sector. The ongoing climate crisis increases the demand for more sustainable housing solutions. 65% of the Swedish population think that there are not enough green or climate conscious alternatives on the market today, and see this as an obstacle. Against this background this master thesis investigates the research question; "How can residential communities be designed to influence and support a sustainable lifestyle?", both in the larger community scale and in the household itself. The goal is to meet the users need with design of dwellings and surroundings that influence residents to make sustainable choices in their every day life. Also to expand the group of people in Sweden choosing to live more climate conscious and make the sustainable dwelling choice more available. I have the opportunity of collaborating with Ekeblad Bostad, a housing developer in Gothenburg. That contact is helpful in terms of get in contact with the current residents and to understand their economic perspective. A theoretical framework based on literature studies, reference projects and direct contact with current users in form of a questionnaire and interviews are underlaying the concept and design elements that promotes a sustainable lifestyle. These design elements helped shape the proposal that is placed on a site in Ytterby, Kungälv. The final proposal consists of 104 dwellings divided in three household variations, to create diversity and attract a wider range of people. This master thesis aims to be a contribution to the existing housing stock that present dwellings that allow a sustainable lifestyle in and around the home. The project challenge the traditional way of designing row house communities and focuses on the human perspective.
Sustainable living, users perspective, behavioral design, nudging
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