IN PROCESS, A study for a new process for Detailed Development Plans in Sweden with special interest in energy and daylight.

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Design and construction project management (MPDCM), MSc
Markgren, Amanda
The construction industry has during the latest decade grown more and more accustomed to adapting buildings after environmental certifications. In parallel to this, as a response to the housing shortage in Sweden, the cities are also increasing in plot-ratio. This together have led to a larger awareness of the building performance parameters (BPP) impact on the building’s sustainability. But also led to the result that many set Detailed Development Plans (DDP) are not optimized for obtaining the building performance result aspired. This thesis has been conducted in a collaboration between Chalmers University of Technology and Bengt Dahlgren AB as a continuation of previous master thesis development of a tool called BeDOT. The thesis is also performed in close collaboration with the engineering students Julia Andersson and Sara Jonsson and their further development of the tool. The thesis continues the concept of the tool; early implementation of building performance parameters. This meaning that the thesis has investigated the possibility to optimize the building performance by implementing them in the DDP process. This is done through a proactive addition of the building performance parameters Energy and Daylight through the tool and a change in the process and how the tool could be implemented. The addition is made in the DDP process in a Swedish context. Further the thesis aims to map some of the possible incentives for innovation that could help the proposed process implementation. But also, the incentives created by the implementation of a new process. The result is threefold; First, a continued development of BeDOT. Second, a proposal of a new DDP process and a discussion regarding innovation which can come through this. The third result is a proposal of a new design method for DDPs done with the implementation of the new DDP process. The implementation of BBP in the process is not new in concept, but the aspired result is a change of perspective. This in itself work as a strong incentive for innovation and collaboration within the process.
Building Performance, Detail Development Plan, Building Planning Process, Innovation, Optimization
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