Implementation of Building Performance Simulations (BPS) in the Swedish detailed development plan process

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Andersson, Julia
Jonsson, Sara
It has in previous research been shown that by performing energy and indoor climate analyses in early-stage design, it may result in better performance of the building in terms of energy use and indoor climate as well as resource efficiency. A case study have been performed with a detailed development plan (DDP) of an area in Gothenburg with an almost equal mix of residences and premises as the reference case. Alternative design options of the site plan were considered such as different type buildings, Window-to-Wall ratios (WWR) and the option of having external corridors or not while maintaining similar total floor area. The study showed a good correlation between the shape factor (SF) of the building and the transmission losses, where a low SF is advised to minimize the energy use for heating. The purpose and goal of this Master’s thesis have been to investigate whether implementation of Building Performance Simulations (BPS) could contribute in even earlier stages than been studied before. In addition, it has been investigated if studies of energy and daylight could be a positive supplement to current studies in the DDP process. Even though energy assessment could be challenging in early stage due to lack of details, results from the case study in this master thesis shows that studying the two aspects building shape (SF) and proportion of window in comparison to wall area (WWR) could be a positive contribution when comparing different options in the initial stage of building design. DDP:s shouldn’t encourage to building shapes that in later stage can’t be implemented is a step against a more efficient building design process. BPS in early stage could be one way towards reaching the European Union (EU) goal; that all building constructed after 2020 shall be near zero energy buildings.
early-stage building design, shape factor, Window-to-Wall ratio, Vertical Sky Component, daylight, energy, BeDOT, Building Performance Simulations, BPS, Detailed Development Plan v
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