Digital leverans av prototyper med hjälp av extended reality

Examensarbete på grundnivå
Dang, Micke
Lindqvist Orusild, Silas Oscar
The content of this report delves into what Concept Center of Volvo Cars needs in order to provide digital prototypes to their internal customers using extended reality systems, such as VR. Concept Center manufactures physical prototypes for many departments at Volvo Cars, and there have been requests for digital prototypes. In order to complete such deliveries Concept Center must obtain knowledge about tools and systems needed for digital prototypes, as well as how they are to proceed in creating a delivery of digital prototypes – meaning the process of how a delivery of digital prototypes for internal customers would look like. There are several extended reality systems in use at Volvo Cars in different departments that can be used to test and evaluate digital prototypes, but there is no over-arching collaboration of how these systems are to be used, that is up to each department. In this thesis these extended reality systems are analysed for their performances and limitations, and how they are being used in relation to the purpose they have for each department that uses them. This information is used to describe a process for how Concept Center is to proceed in order to make deliveries and digital prototypes for such systems. Many departments are dependent on using physical prototypes, and digital prototypes may not be an obvious replacement for them since tasks may impossible to do using only digital tools. The process described in this thesis for developing digital prototypes will act as a guide for Concept Center if they were to manufacture digital prototypes and provide supporting systems for them. The process is also applied on one of their customers with their needs taken into consideration. The objective for internal customers of Concept Center is achieved by completing certain tasks and making assessments, and today physical prototypes are used more widely than digital prototypes.There are possibilites to use digital prototypes instead of, or alongside physical prototypes, using extended reality systems. However, there is no set system that can be used for any and all of Concept Center’s customers, each customer has to be analysed and a suitable system must be chosen dependent on their needs. In some cases, digital prototypes are not possible as replacements for physical prototypes. However, there is likely a use for digital prototypes which will help Concept Center’s customers achieve their objectives, but unless they actually bring value in their working process they are redundant.
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