Produktutveckling av visir anpassat till pannlampa

Examensarbete på kandidatnivå
Ståhl, Alvina
Kristensson, Maja
Udén, Adam
Lidman, Marcus
Brogren, Gustav
Junkers, Jens
Early 2020 COVID-19 started to spread across Sweden and on the 11’th of March 2020 WHO declared the virus as a pandemic. For healthcare this meant increased pressure and a large organizational readjustment. The cleaning routines had to change and the requirements of using protective equipment increased. Problems occurred when the protective equipment was not compatible with the medical equipment the doctors use to examine patients. Ear-nose-throat doctors (ENT doctors) is a group that was affected by this. During examination of a patient they use a headlamp to illuminate narrow canals in the ears, nose and throat. Meanwhile, due to the pandemic, they have to wear a visor to protect themselves from droplets and prevent the spread of infection. The compatibility between the visors on the market and the headlamps they use was inadequate. This project has been carried out on behalf of Region Västra Götalands (VGR), more specifically the innovation platform of Sahlgrenska and the Northern Älvsborg County Hospital (NÄL). The purpose of this project is to implement a user-centered product development process required to create a face shield adapted to Ear-nose-throat doctor´s headlamps. The solution must provide an adequate protection without having a negative impact on the work performed. The development process was initiated by a thorough study of the needs and requirements to gain an understanding of the problem and doctor´s situation. Data was collected through questionnaires and interviews with ENT doctors. The study of the needs and requirements resulted in a list of requirements that was used as a base for the idea generation followed by concept development, user tests and finally refinement of a final concept. The study resulted in a visor that is attached to the existing headlamp used by the ENT doctors during examination. The visor meets the identified requirements and has been tested during examinations of patients at NÄL. The tests show an initial promising result.
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