Heritage conditions: development enabling preservation at Bangatan, Gothenburg

Examensarbete för masterexamen
Forsman, Jonatan
This thesis stems from a frustration with the inconsistency of today’s city planning where valuable buildings, from both a heritage and sustainability perspective, are being torn down. This while politicians argue for new buildings in “classic style” not recognizing their power to save our actual built heritage. This thesis locates such a situation, where the municipal planning has shown limited power in a clash with market forces and speculation that puts architectural and historical values at risk. At Bangatan there was an attempt to develop a detail plan with the intention to protect buildings of high heritage value, but the owner of those buildings sees the old plan as an opportunity for a counter proposal that disregards the preservation of unique architectural values, in favor of new development. This resulted in a deadlock where the parts can’t agree. Meanwhile, the buildings continue to deteriorate as they suffer from neglect and repair of questionable long term quality. The aim of this thesis is to provide a proposal to contribute to a long-term solution to the deadlock, by suggesting a careful balance and compromise between preservation, renovation, and new development. The proposal is conducted on two different scales. One where a group of buildings along Bangatan are given a new program to enable a more effective use of spaces and qualities. Key elements of the proposal are a new storage facility enabling the buildings of high heritage value to be converted back into their original function Abstractas housing. The cost of such transformation is covered by new development on empty land as well as a careful addition to existing structures. On the second scale one of the properties are studied in detail where the building is complemented by part renovation, part new addition, reconverting services and floor plans to the original use as apartments. The ground floor is activated through public commercial use and the front and backyard are opened up for access from the street and the mountain side. The result highlights the qualities in the already existing and argues for the importance of architecture as bearer of a valuable collective memory.
heritage, renovation, demolition, city planning, preservation, infill
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