Utveckling av illustrativa artefakter: samtalsmaterial om maskulinitetsnormer inom hållbarhet

Examensarbete på grundnivå
Holmberg, Jessica
Johansson, Cornelia
This project has its starting point in research about how sustainability can be connected to masculinity and concerns three masculinities. These masculinities are a result of research done by Martin Hultman and Paul M. Pulé and are described as industrial, ecomodern and ecological masculinities. There already exist illustrations that are used to describe these masculinities, but these are not specifically made for this purpose since they are modified versions of other illustrations. The aim of the project was therefore to create illustrations solely for these masculinities, as well as examine how abstract concepts can be visualized in a concrete way. This was made through the creation of artefacts, in collaboration with the research project Könad Hållbarhet. Könad Hållbarhet examines practices of energy and structures of power, with a special focus on sustainable conversions in everyday life. This is done through a norm-critical and intersectional perspective. The project that is presented in this paper has connections with the research of Könad Hållbarhet, but is mostly free-standing and focuses on sustainability connected to masculinities. Due to the pandemic (covid-19), the work in this project has been carried out remotely, which has limited development and evaluation of physical artefacts. This has led to a focus on digital artefacts throughout the project. Furthermore, the only masculinities that were studied were the ones mentioned above, which means other definitions and categorizations of masculinities were not treated. The project investigated the masculinities through an iterative product development process. Initially, a pre-study was carried out. This consisted of a participant observation, a literature study, a questionnaire, interviews, and multiple analyses of functions. This also resulted in a specification of requirements. The development of concepts took its starting point in this specification of requirements and started with brainwriting and brainstorming, which resulted in a great deal of sketches. These were combined in morphological matrices and later discussed with concerned parties. After much discussion and iteration regarding the ideas, there were four concepts left. These were evaluated further with the methods PNI, PUGH-matrices, discussions and a focus group with user tests. This project resulted in a final concept which combines two different concepts, which are called “Stege 3.0” and “Samtalskort 2.0”. These are designed for different areas of application and can also complement each other. The concept “Stege 3.0” consists of three different illustrations and is suitable for discussions on a structural and societal level. The concept “Samtalskort 2.0” consists of twelve different illustrations (located on different cards) and is more suitable for personal reflections. Hopefully, these artefacts will facilitate discussions regarding the different masculinities connected to sustainability.
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