Framtida koncept av en Automated Guided Vehicle

Examensarbete på grundnivå
Elofsson, Felix
Welander, Evelina
The project was initiated by the company Jernbro Industrial Services AB and specifically the Jernbro Automation department. The department manufactures and sells automation solutions mainly to manufacturing industries in the form of autonomous trucks called Automated guided Vehicles. As automation solutions become more common in production and elsewhere in society, new areas where automation solutions can be applied are growing. New companies enter the market and competition thus becomes higher. Jernbro Automation satisfies their customers with automation solutions of high technical quality and to maintain its market position, attract new customers and reach new areas of use, the appearance aspects of the products are considered more important than before. The purpose of the project was thus to enhance the visual design of the company's automation solutions to mirror the technical quality that the company offers. Through a feasibility study, concept development process and further development process, the project has answered the project's statements. The statements regard to how the company's desirable profiling can be translated into a design language, what the general and appearance requirements are for the product and how these can be expressed through application on one of Jernbro Automation's products. The design process has been iterative throughout the project. The result of the project was a future design concept applicable to one of the company's models. The design´s visual expression was based on the result from the feasibility study, where specific value words were identified as important to include in the design language of the product. A specific identity carrier was chosen and guidelines regarding application of the design language on future models was specified. The result can be the basis for maintaining a strong market position and giving an attractive appearance to future products, which creates a strong company profile. The project has been limited to developing a design concept in terms of appearance and has thus not taken specific design or manufacturing requirements into account.
AGV, semantics, design language, design, industrial design, concept
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