CoPoint: Framtagning av ett koncept som stödjer företa

Examensarbete på kandidatnivå
Bachelor Thesis
Ahlström, Ida
Birkemen, Victoria
Ljugdahl, Lovisa
On Huang, Susanne
Stenelo, Marie
Ärleskog, Sofia
Today, many small businesses choose to hire accounting firms to oversee tasks related to accounting, auditing or payroll processing. The underlying reasons for this choice are multifaceted, with the most common being the lack of knowledge, interest or time among business owners. In order for the businesses finances and operations to be able to proceed without problems, it is crucial to ensure that the work of the firms is carried out correctly. To achieve this, a well-structured collaboration and effective communication between the parties is required. Poor communication can have negative consequences for the firm’s work and ultimately affect the financial health of the businesses. This project, conducted together with Hogia, aims to investigate the optimal collaboration between businesses and firms, including the factors critical to achieving it. The goal of the project is to create a prototype of a communication solution designed to enhance communication and facilitate optimal collaboration between the firm and the business. To enable optimal collaboration, CoPoint was created, which puts the business owner in focus. The developed concept offers a smooth communication path as well as several value-adding features that simplify the collaboration between the business owner and the firm. Through the concept, effective communication and collaboration can take place, benefiting both parties. The software is based on the identified needs of the target groups, and consequently, it can be ensured that it meets their demands and needs efficiently. By providing easy file management, personalized communication, and an overview of remaining tasks, the solution reduces stress for the business owner. The majority of the softwares on the market today are designed as tools for firms, which business owners can have use for. CoPoint fills a gap in the market by offering a solution that functions as a tool for firms but also designed to meet the needs of the business owners. In conclusion, it can be stated that the proposed software has the potential to improve communication and collaboration between businesses and firms, serving as a foundation for Hogia’s development of similar software solutions
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